aluminium die cast heat sinks

Aluminium die cast heat sinks

                                                            China Manufacturer of aluminum die casting heat sinks, product.

    SYX die casting company has 17 years experince in  extensive range of Die Casting Aluminium Heat sinks which is widely used in  cooling applications. These are processed by  High pressure die casting . and  suitable for Light ,motor drive ,comunication,etc. custom and complex   designs  parts  is trend ,so many customer choose die casting for the different and specilized structure. syx fufill designers  crafted a product that is a work of art itself. contact us  now .

Case Studies of Aluminum Heat Sink

Why choose SYX aluminium heat sink Manufacturers

Professional die casting heatsink company

Our process ablility : die casting ,cnc maching ,surface treatment ,extrusion. assembly

Max 2000T die casting machine in house with center furnace。

50 set cnc machine with cmm ,powder coating line in house

aluminium heat sink manufacturing processes by Stringent quality-control measures ,   reliable, consistent  control。

Advantage of heat sink by aluminum die casting process

网上现金彩票官网if you have huge quantity ,the cost would be cheaper then extrusion

Many complicated components are produced by die casting process

Dissipate heat quickly and properties stronger

Extremely high stability ,and modern aesthetics structure

tour of die casting china

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